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System of water purification in a detached house

Water in the house must be pure. It is guarantee of health.

We use water directly for drinking, cooking and also for economic needs – washing, washing of dishes, heating, etc. Planning of the system of water purification in the detached house is a responsible and serious question. You should not forget about it. As well as a number of other important processes in construction of the house, planning of system of water-supply cleaning should be giving in a charge of professionals. Why? Let's deal find out.

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We will initially define what issues are resolved by water purification. Even, if you have water-supply from your own artesian well, but not normal city one, sometimes you can’t avoid such problematic issues with water as follows:

  1. Increased concentration of salt in water. Water hardness.
  2. Bacteria and other flora
  3. High concentration of iron
  4. Hydrogen sulfide smell
  5. Manganese or other chemical elements
  6. Pesticides

All these unfavorablly affects people’s health living in the house and also influences the state of home technical devices. Scaling promotes failure of the heating equipment, contamination of batteries, rust on plumbing fixtures is formed. Expenditures on the electric power and detergents increase.

There are three types of the systems of water purification at home:

  • filters intended for water purification from city water-supply (tap water)
  • filters intended for water purification from a personal slit
  • filters intended for water purification in the house with seasonal living (country house).

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To pick up the system of cleaning for your detached house properly, the expert will recommend you to take water samples firstly. It is necessary to define what it is necessary to clean from and what system of water purification it is better to install. Proceeding from analysis results, the expert will pick up filters and reactive substances which will provide purity, pleasant taste of water and will install the system of water purification.

Gradual water purification for house application happens as follows:

1. Cleaning from mechanical components (silt, sand). At this stage net filters of rough cleaning are used. Cartridges are changed depending on a level of pollution of the passing water – once in 2-3 months. In case of very polluted water the system of cleaning of water can consist of several filters.

2. Filtering. This process in the system of cleaning consists in use of five-component ion-exchange pitch for deleting iron, manganese and other organic compounds. Also pitch softens water, cleans colour of water and oxidizes it.

3. Then the system of the reverse osmosis works. It finally purifies water from chemical impurity. Pure, ready to the use water is gathered in high plastic capacities. There it is settled and can be used for drinking, cooking, watering of houseplants.

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4. Water disinfecting by nitrogen in the system of cleaning comes in the special SIP device by method of formation of ozone from  oxygen. Activation of the device happens once a day at night within 5 minutes. During this time all bacteria, mold, viruses are destroyed under the influence of natural oxidizer. Disinfecting of water happens up to 1000 liters in a single sitting. Except ozonization, such methods as chlorination of water or disinfecting by ultra-violet lamp are also applied. Use of UF-lamp is popular in a detached country house. 

5. And at the last stage in the system of cleaning by means of special instruments water is given its natural structure. It is more useful to take like this. Modern water water-purifying systems give the chance to get almost crystal-clear water. Filters which enter this system are of different power and function. They can differ in productivity, resource, method. The most reliable filters are those which purify water by the principle of the reverse osmosis. By means of a special diaphragm water is purified even at the molecular level. When mounting water-purifying system the expert will install instruments for water pressure control in addition.

So, the most important in the question of water purification – is to design complete system properly. You have to trust specialists of the company who have profound experience. Only they will be able to pick up filters correctly and individually, install them correctly and competently. To adjust work of instruments so that there was an interaction between them, and the system worked accurately and smoothly. And as a result you will be sure that that which you drink is clean and useful for your family.

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