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Cottages with intelligence. The technology of building smart houses

smart house

The problems of ecology in the modern world, the economic crisis and, at the same time, the rapid development of IT technologies makes developers and homeowners pay more and more attention to the issues of energy efficiency and energy independence of residential properties. But no less important today in construction, there is the introduction of "smart technologies" that can effectively manage the house. In the western countries, the number of SMART objects put into operation is constantly increasing.

Under SMART-technologies, a control and automation system is proposed, which is a set of high-tech devices designed to automate the processes and operations that occur during the life-support systems of living facilities. In other words - this is an "add-on" over the engineering systems of the house.

The purpose of implementing a unified system of management and automation in a cottage is to create a technical signaling, increase the level of safety, improve comfort and ensure the efficiency of resource consumption (energy conservation). Thanks to "smart technologies", the saving of electric and thermal energy in the house can be 30-40%.

With the help of an automatic control system, the operating modes of all engineering systems at home are programmed and monitored. Equipment of engineering systems is constantly controlled by a complex of intellectual control on all major parameters of work.

The main task of the control and automation system is to recognize the processes and situations that occur in the home and, accordingly, respond to pre-programmed algorithms.

Awareness of houses with intelligence is no longer just a trend, but a rational decision dictated by necessity. It should be noted that modern management systems become more affordable in terms of budget, easy to install and easy, intuitive in management. Today, homeowners are offered a fairly wide choice of solutions from many manufacturers, with different functionality and budget.

Despite the variety of used data transfer technologies in "smart homes", the composition of systems and the scheme of work are fundamentally different. Components of any system:

  • system access point (controller, processor);
  • actuators;
  • controls;
  • lines of information transmission.
  • There are several ways to build a system.

The most reliable and affordable way is to put in the stage of construction of a special bus cable or cable on a twisted pair (depending on working protocols of data transmission of the central control device).

In the finished building, you can "connect" engineering systems equipment and manage it wirelessly, in a Wi-Fi environment or using Z-Wave wireless technology, for example.

umnyj dom

Smart home system is an innovative solution that simply combines blinds, curtains, lighting, heating, air conditioning, intercom ... into a single network, offering maximum comfort, automating service and home security. Adjustment of lighting and climate control parameters, home entertainment complex management and safety system, setting the timing of switching on / off electrical appliances and light scenes, access control and baby monitoring, external and internal monitoring, these and many other algorithms can be implemented in your at home.

In addition to the automatic control of the entire electronics complex in the house, the system can transmit a signal of failure to masters, service personnel, emergency services by voice message to a mobile phone, SMS or Internet message. In this case, in the event of an accident, it will block the water supply itself, locally turn off the power supply or turn on the fire extinguishing system. If necessary, you can always intervene in the management process - disable or reconfigure the algorithms, temporarily switch to manual control or completely exclude "human influence" on the system.

As an example, we can give a brief description of the important functions of a unified control system for automating the processes of some subsystems in the house:

Home Cinema and Multiband Audio

Unique control system allows you to get rid of many remote controls, control audio and video equipment from any point of the house, with one touch of a button on the touch screen or the smartphone muffle the light, lower the screen, turn on the projector, equipment and start the film demonstration. Provides simultaneous listening to music in different areas of the house from various sources or home network.

Control of all engineering systems in the house

The system is controlled via a global computer network or mobile phone, thus providing the ability to choose heating modes, adjust the water temperature; Just send an SMS message to the "system" and you will have a warm bath or warm sauna, the optimal climate in the right rooms, the usual or special light design, musical background and news of interest.

sistema umnyj dom min

Video monitoring

In the absence of the owners, the "system" will report that someone has come, and thanks to the Internet, you can see who it is and via the Internet or SMS-message - to open the door and let the guest. If the owners of the house do not necessarily run to the intercom, in order to communicate with the guest and open the door - all this can be done through a mobile gadget on the local network.


In the case of unauthorized entry into the home of outsiders, the "system" will automatically notify the necessary services and hosts about the invasion and may not include sound and light alarms, lighting, thereby helping to capture criminals, and vice versa - turn on sound alarms and lighting, to warn hosts and scare attackers.


With the help of the alert system in an emergency, the service for eliminating gas leakage, firefighters will be automatically called; water will be switched off, electricity will be supplied.

Climate control

With the help of sensors the "system" determines the air temperature and the humidity level inside and outside the house, maintains the appropriate temperature in the premises, regulates air conditioning, determines the best position of the curtain, depending on the time of day, the position of the sun.


With the help of changing the light regime, you can quickly change the style of the interior design (intimate or ceremonial lighting), as well as the mode of use of the building (security mode, working mode, simulation presence, etc.). Equally important is the automation of switching on / off the lighting fixtures, which allows you to save on utility bills.

The most important advantage of modern control systems is the individual interface created by the specialist-adjuster together with the future user-owner of the house. The author of all possible scenarios is, first and foremost, the user.

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