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Heating systems in a detached house

Today most of people, selecting accommodation, even more often give preference to a detached house.

Of course, an apartment has enough advantages but a detached house is a dream. This is a comfortable space with a number of rooms, garage, land site with a beautiful garden, barbecue zone.

One of important elements in case of its construction is the thought-over system of heating. Earlier everything was solved by means of the heating. But today it is much simpler and it is at the same time, more difficult. Different options of heating lead to debates over this question. Which one is better, more economic, more reliable, and eco-friendlier.

The system of heating of the house must be reliable, first of all. It is thought over at the design stage of the house, creation of sketches when niches, holes, technical cabinets, flues and a zone of a boiler room are drawn.

There are such types of systems of heating in a detached house as: water, steam, air and electrical.

Water system of heating

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Such systems for heating for a house is the most popular. The heating element is the boiler. Hot water circulates about a closed circuit and disperses around all of the house through pipes. Comes back to the boiler, and is heated again. And cycle-after-cycle. There are different types of boilers, depending on fuel which is used – electrical, on liquid or solid fuel and gas boilers. The most widespread and practical in application are gas and electrical boilers. Gas boilers are more economic, safe and almost eternal. For electrical boilers not only stationary electricity but also its alternative types – mini-hydroelectric power stations, solar and wind batteries are used today. Electrical heat sinks are also recommended to use to such boilers. Boilers on solid fuel also can take place as they are absolutely independent, and pallets, coal and firewood are more available in a question of price.

Selecting a boiler, it is necessary not to forget also about its power which depends on the square of a detached house. The bigger the house, the more powerful the boiler should be. When mounting heating system, the choice of pipes and heat sinks is very important. Cast-iron batteries hold heat longer; they are more long-lasting. Pipes are also made from different materials, the most favourable is copper. Copper has no problem with temperature drops, and are connected by a soldering method. In case of installation of such type of heating it is not also necessary to forget about the fittings, expansion tank, taps. Correctly selected materials guarantee high-quality, smooth work of system.

Steam system of heating

In this case that the main heater is steam. Water in the boiler begins to boil, and under the influence of pressure steam disperses through the system, gives heat and comes back in the boiler in a state of water. The steam system of heating can be closed and opened, but in a detached house it is applied very seldom.

Air system of heating

As already mentioned earlier, the choice of heating system for must be made at the stage of the house projecting. The air system is mounted directly in the case of construction; it is impossible or it is extremely complicated to implement in the ready house.

In such system of heating the heat generator is the main thing. Air heats up in it and disperses through the system, through pipes. It forces out cold air, through air ducts, and comes back to the generator. The air system for heating can be forced and gravitational. Correspondingly, in the first variant – there is "force" – the fan which helps to run air, and this is where gravitational physical phenomenon works – the difference of air temperatures (warm forces out cold). When mounting such heating systems, we pay great attention to air duct material (textiles, metal, plastic) and its form, they can be round or rectangular. These details of system must be warmed. When choosing a form, placements of air ducts, consultation with an expert is needed. Everything must be ergonomic and economic.

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Electrical system of heating.

It is rather economically expensive. But if to look at it innovatively, with use of alternative energy sources – solar batteries, wind-driven generators, then it is very favorable and ecologically-friendly.

Implementation of such method of heating can be of several types – by means of heat-insulated floors, electric convector heater, infrared long-wave heaters.

But remember, only experts will help to calculate the number of necessary instruments properly, considering the square of the detached house and its heat insulation. When mounting electrical system of heating it is important to think over everything because warm air can rise up, and you can’t simply do without heat-insulated floors.

When choosing a heating system it is necessary to understand what diagram of heating system you should choose. The water system of heating can be one - and two-circuit. Single-circuit is only heating, and two-circuit – both heating, and water heating. How water moves, systems can be one-pipe, two-pipe and collector. They differ in quality of heating. The collector system is more wasteful on mounting, but it is most progressive. Here mounting of 2 pipes to each heat sink is made and then loss of warmth is the minimum. The "coldest" and most inconvenient is one-pipe system. Here only one pipe is brought to the heat sink. Hot water comes gradually to each heat sink. It comes already cold. Heating of the lodging is minimum. Also, in case of breakage or failure in one of batteries the system should be disconnected completely. The two-pipe system of heating for a detached house is very practical. Two pipes are parallely connected to the heat sink. One for submission of hot water, the other for returning cold to the boiler. Also, there is an opportunity by means of taps to switch-off the necessary heat sink if it is necessary to remove any nuance or breakage.

Mounting of heating is carried out in several steps.

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The boiler in the boiler room which is prepared beforehand is initially installed (facing is carried out by flameproof material, extensions are built in). Then flue is brought to the street. Measuring instruments are joined to the boiler. If necessary the pump is put and collector system is mounted (everything depends on a type of heating). Pipes are set and at a finite stage heat sinks with regulators of temperature condition, taps are connected. Ready system is tested.

Heating – is one of important components of a detached house.

All details described here are very important in case of designing and mounting of the system. We recommend to address professional designers, installers who will be able to calculate everything correctly and to mount selected system of heating in the house. You can be sure that all your wishes, the quantitative and qualitative criteria of the house will be considered and the system of heating will be economic, qualitative and convenient in exploitation. Designers will make necessary sketches, will carry out correct calculations and will prepare complete document package for construction of the house and mounting of heating system.

We wish it was comfortably and warmly to work with us!


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