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Conditioning and recuperation in the detached house.

The first thing that a person does at birth is take a deep breath of air and only then a long process called life begins.

What we breathe and how we breathe, influences quality of our life and health. Clean and fresh air is a guarantee of cheerfulness, energy and good mood of a person.

Therefore, we believe that providing your house with clean, fresh, comfortable air is one of the most important tasks at arrangement of the accommodation.

Today's speed of life, modern technologies lead to the fact that the climate changes. And even in our country without conditioners, regulation of cold-heat, cleanings and ionization of air it is impossible to live. Now conditioners are installed almost in every house, shop, any closed public place. You cannot live without it.

It is rather simple to put the conditioner in a flat, and in a detached house – it demands a responsible approach.

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Installation of the air ventilation system, conditioning and recuperation has to be done at the stage of a drawings creation and house design. And experts must do it. Why? It is clear. Not to waste your money.

Let's try to deal with these questions.

Air conditioning system plays an important role in the house. It cools or heats air. Humidifies, or dries. And also such equipment purifies air, supports the correct circulation of air masses.

It is possible to name three main types of air conditioning systems for a detached house – Split system, mini-Split and VRF system.

Split system means installation of the conditioner in each room, and on the house facade – external modules. It is one of the easiest ways of conditioning. Choosing this option, conditioner cost is considered. There are budgetary options which play the simplest functions – heating and cooling of air. Average option is more reliable, function of purification of air is already present here. And elite is a high-quality climatic equipment which provides all possible functions on support of the necessary temperature in the house, cleans and ionizes air.

Mini-Split system has one external block with the internal conditioners connected to it. There are 4 to 7 of them. Such system is more aesthetic, doesn't spoil facade of the house. If the square of the house is more than 150 sq.m, then we recommend to apply multizone Split system. It is one pipe main, and from it separated climatic devices are put to each room. It is simple in control. Internal blocks can be placed on the floor, on the wall, there are channel or magazine units.

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The VRF system is similar to Split system. It consists of internal and external units. It serves big houses to 1000 sq.m. At the same time, it is responsible for conditioning and ventilation. Blocks can be of several types – channel, magazine, floor standing, wall-mounted. This system is the most durable and economic. If usual Split serves you 10 years maximum, then VRF – 20-25 years. Power consumption is up to 27 W on 1 sq.m. The system is rather smart if there is a surplus of heat in one internal lodging, it will be moved into rooms with the lowest temperature at once.

Also there are mobile conditioners, but we don't stop here as such option is convenient generally for country houses.

Designers and installers will surely pay your attention when choosing a conditioner to its technical characteristics. Power is important! It would seem what here to count? 1 kW on 10 sq.m. But! It is important to know how many equipment will work inside, location of rooms at the top floor, number and sizes of windows. Taking into account all these the expert will advise you to choose variant with a power twice bigger. Do not be frightened of such numbers. Power consumption is three times less than the generated one.

In order to calculate conditioning power correctly, an expert will need such input data:

  • lodging space,
  • ceiling height,
  • illumination of rooms,
  • number of living  people in the house,
  • number of computers,
  • number of TV,
  • power of other household appliances,
  • ventilation,
  • and also, whether there are the top floor and big windows (to the floor).

Having analyzed all these parameters, we receive the power range which is necessary for your house.

Technologies are forging ahead. New opportunities and theories are being developed. They are taking root into life and are being improved. Passive house model is popular now. The main key is economy due to energy saving, that is, saving of your budget and rational use of natural resources. And recovery which we recommend to apply in your ideal house is one of elements of such house. To cut a long story short – it means to return heat to the house.

It is not a secret that through ventilating systems 40% of heat is "left" from the house. The correct ventilation with a recuperator will help to process warm dead air which comes to light. It will take heat away from it and will add it to the fresh clean air coming to the room.


There two types of recuperators – plate and thermal recuperators. Both have advantages. Thermal recuperator has rather high efficiency. Its basis is made by an aluminum drum which takes away heat from the coming-out air and gives it to entering one. It isn't necessary to take away moisture separately, it is evenly distributed about rooms that is especially relevant in a heating season. Process of heat exchange happens with the help of plates in plate recuperator. Coming-out air gives them its heat, and entering air, heating up from warm plates, comes further to rooms. Such recuperator is eco-friendly as air in it isn’t mixed up.

Recovery has a set of advantages. The main is saving of energy. The system of aeration without recovery spends 3-4 times more energy. For example, if you haven't installed a recuperator, then consumption of energy on heating of the house will make 8-10 kW \h, and when using recovery – only 1-2 kW \h. Here is all the mathematics.

One more advantage is the fact that installation of this system won't spoil design of the house at all. All equipment is placed in the ceiling, in the bathroom.

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