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Monolithic construction 

The monolithic construction technology is known all over the world. High-storey buildings and skyscrapers are erected using on this technology. Earlier active monolithic erection was in seismic zones as the monolithic construction can withstand high loads (up to 8 points) without being destroyed. 

Монолитный дом

Let's find out what monolithic houses are, advantages and disadvantages of a construction and the process of building.

Technology of monolithic building

The essense of the technology is in pouring of the re-enforced concrete parts of a monolithic house in the process of erection. Filling the gaps between slabs can be done with any sound (brick, block, panel) or low-strength material (wood, PVC panel with insulation, glass) as there is no load on this part of the wall.

In this technology a few variants of frame are ised:

  • covering on supporting columns
  • supporting longidutinal walls
  • supporting transverse walls


Reinforcement cage for a monolithic house is produced of steel rods of different diametre. All parts of the frame are welded or tied. But the last bonding technique is used rarely as it is more time and labour-consuming.

Formwork construction.

For this housing either circular or stay-in-place formwork is used. A fromwork construction is a massive sound panel (panel formwork) or prefabricated form for pouring (tunnel formwork) which prevents concrete mixture from flowing and allows to save the shape during setting time.

The variants of formwork construction in usage are different:

Строительство монолитных домов

  • horizontal
  • vertical
  • creeping
  • for rounded elements

Monolithic houses with stay-in-place formwork are more popular in apartment blocks. These are low storey monolithic houses, cottages.

Concrete mixture and grouting.

Depending on the monolithic construction size concrete mixture can be produced immediately on the building ground in the mixing batch or on special concrete goods factory. In the second case concrete is transfered in the motomixer.

Works with setting concrete

After the filling concrete in a formwork it is densified. This step is necessary to delete air locks, presence of which worsens the work of the mixture. Concrete mixture densification is made with the help of pervibrator or external vibrator. The quality of desification of concrete mixture influences surface smoothness of walls and ceiling which also influences the budget of fine finish.

Монолитно каркасный дом


Form stripping

After the concrete gets necessary strength formwork is taken off and removed further, to the next part of grouting.

Advantages and disadvantages

Monolithic houses have both advantages disadvantages. Let's distinguish them. The speed of building is one of the main advantages. Monolithic houses which projects are similar to the brick houses are built quicker than the last ones. Architectural freedom is also a strong argument. Most of the houses are built according to a definite pattern as it is defined by its constructional peculiarities. But there are no limits for a monolithic house. In such houses plans can be different, multilevel, with ceilings of different height which is not typical for block or brick houses.

The full absence of open joints in a monolithic house provides a great number of advantages such as:

  • sound isolation level increase
  • thermal insulation improvement
  • house life-extension
  • strength increase
  • protection from cracking
  • lowering of construction weight

You should pay attention to its disadvantages.


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