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SIP houses

SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) is the constructional material that consists of 2 oriented strand boards (OSB) and foam polystyrene used as thermal insulation. Construction material is very hard, that is why it is used in frame house building.

SIP technology corresponds to the international ecological and energy efficiency demands and is considered to be the technology of «Green Building» and «EnergyStar».

To build the house of your dreams with minimum expenses and maximum possibilities is real as the SIP building is not only a fast process but also less expensive than classical brick or block building

Строительство сип домов ЕвроХауз

There are such advantages of SIP houses:

  • light weight frames;
  • minimum building term;
  • year-round building;
  • ease of assembly;
  • eco-friendly;
  • immune to shrinkage;
  • environmental compatibility and energy performance;
  • save warmth in winter and coolness in summer — there is no need to install air conditioner and powerful heating installation

Main steps of SIP houses building

The SIP house building takes about 2-3 months. The process of house erection consists of 5 main  steps.

Step 1 Land preparation

Before house erection and foundation grouting, site engineering and ground geology of the land are conducted to find out the land angle of dip, the soil type and subterranean waters occurence. Then the preparation of the land takes place: land clearance, land excavation and leveling, preparation of the approach drive.

Step 2 Foundation grouting

Foundation is chosen according to the soil type, subterranean waters occurence, type and weight of the frame. One of the main advantages of the panel buildings is their light weight, so that  girder or screw pile foundation can be used which saves building terms and customer's resources.

Step 3 Mounting

After all foundation works, construction gangs begin the following works strictly according to the documentation:

  • moisture barrier is installed, for this rubberoid or asphalt cement is layed between the foundation and frame;
  • laying of the sole plate to the foundation with anchor bolts;
  • groundsill laying;
  • the ground floor walls adjustment;
  • top plate mounting;
  • the first floor walls adjustment;
  • slab mounting: garret floor and interfloor overlapping;
  • floor coating installation;
  • roof coating.

Step 4 Utility systems

Utility systems installation is provided after the frame adjustment and is not done in the loadbearing walls, in order to avoid weakening of loadbearing house construction.

Pipe distribution system of water supply and sewerage, air drains are layed in the floor of the ground floor and/or in the floor structure of the first floor. Electrical services in corrugated pipes are carried in the annulus between SIP and gypsum board.

Дом из сип панелей ЕвроХауз

Step 5 Finishing

Before interior and exterior finishing works  windows and doors are installed. A great advantage is the fact that the filled-in panels are prepared beforehand, during manufacturing frame stage, that speeds up the construction terms and simplifies the installation process.

Houses erected on the basis of SIP-technology are not proned to shrinkage and installed in the way all the walls are perfectly plain and are ready for finishing works. The inner and facade materials can be different. There are no limitations, everything depends upon the customer's wish. While choosing finishing materials you should take into account the decorative elements, the whole house style correspondence and protectiveness, facade materials fastness and resistibility.

SIP house building by professionals

To build your own sunny house is easier and cheaper now! Call the specialists of our company  right now and they will tell you what to do to begin the erection!

EuroHouse professionals provide support in the project and materials choosing, will organize on-site visit to the construction area and accompany you on all the steps of the collaboration.

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