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Country houses

A country house is a cosy and quiet place where it is possible to go with a family for a weekend or vacation, to invite friends to a holiday or summer vacation, or late in the evening just disappear after work from vanity and problems. This is some kind of serene port where it is pleasure to be, a place where you can create a cosy atmosphere and modern design.

Дачные домаThe purpose of the country house is completely different. It can be the place for gardening or kitchen garden lovers or on the contrary a place for rest after work. If for some reasons you cannot afford to live out of town, then a country house will become a saving corner after a stuffy, noisy, and polluted city.

The country house is a small financial investments which will pay off in a very short time. Just compare the cost of the country vacation in a hotel to vacation cost in your own country house! And to put in a pool, a sauna, a playground or a area for a barbecue – it is absolutely simple. All this can be included in one project and as a result you don’t just get a country house but a real mini-resort

Frame country houses

A country house is a fast and cost saving construction. Using modern technologies of frame construction, a country house can be built in very short terms – in 2-3 months. At the same time, the country house will be both warm and comfortable. Besides, it will be ecological as in case of construction tree and natural heater is applied.

The country house can be made two-story with different additional architectural elements like, veranda, mansard, mezzanine. It does not change the price of the construction and makes a country house very attractive and modern.

As house walls during construction are flush, any finishing materials starting with wallpapers ending with designer plaster can be used for their finishing. You can create a country house interior in hi-tech style or vintage classics. You can make a youth house or a country house for creativity – with a workshop and a bohemian interior.

And the most pleasant in building of a country house is a possibility to construct a house of any architectural complexity, 12 months in a year and in any region. That means that having begun construction in spring - summer you will be able to celebrate St. John the Baptist’s day with friends in your country house!

Строительство дачных домов

Construction of the country house includes the following stages:

  • arrangement of the foundation;
  • adjustment of a frame;
  • finishing of walls;
  • mounting of a roof;
  • mounting of windows;
  • heat insulation;
  • carrying out of finishing works.

Where we build

The company EuroHouse embodies people’s dreams for those who consider a concept of family warmth and cosiness of their own home to be the key one, in reality. We will help you to build exactly your country house, the most comfortable for your rest! You can choose the project of the house you want on our website or offer your own, our architects will help you to develop a new variant or to adapt the existing version of the project under construction.

We have been building in each region of Ukraine. For the past 8 years, we have built more than 170 detached houses, hotels, shops over all territory of Ukraine and have opened 4 regional representative offices:

  • Central office in Kiev which services customers from Kiev, Belaia Tserkov, Chernigov, Cherkasy, Zhytomir, Vinitsa, Sumy, Poltava;
  • The western branch office is in Lvov which services customers from Lviv, Ternopol, Ivano - Frankovsk, Chernovtsy, Rovno, Khmelnitskii;
  • The eastern representative office is in Dnieper which services customers from Dnepr, Zaporozhie, Kropivnitskii, Poltava, Kharkov, Donetsk and Lugansk;
  • The southern branch office is in Odessa that services inhabitants of Odesa, Nikolaev and Kherson

How we build

We work with only the best materials from the best international and Ukrainian suppliers: TN "Concrete from Kovalskaia", basalt heater of ROCKWOOL, JUTA membranes, windbarrier Tyvek, a roofing covering – a metal tile roofing Ruukki or a bituminous tile roofing Owens Corning, eaves filing Royal Soffit, windows Rehau, OSB EGGER, gypsum plasterboard KNAUF, rustic-textured coating or sheeting for wooden external finishing Pinotex.

Каркасный дачный домHow to buy a country house

Order a frame country house or a house from SIP- panels right now, and in 2-3 months you will be able to enjoy a country rest in your own cozy summer cottage!

You can buy a country house at any time, for this purpose contact manager of the company or use online service of design of a project – "To design a standard project" or "To design an individual project".


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