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Dome house


What is a dome house?

Dome houses - this is the modern direction of construction of low-rise buildings. It came to us from Japan, where technologies of economical and eco-friendly construction are advanced in the world. The domed houses in the shape of a hemisphere were made.

Immediately - in Japan, the first prototype of modern prefabricated houses in the shape of a dome was implemented. Buildings are modular structures of 12 polystyrene foam blocks with ready openings, where doors, windows, ventilation, etc. are mounted.

Houses can have a round and oval shape. The height of 4.5-5.5 m. The total area is 50 m2 over the floor and 70 m2, taking into account the low attic. It has been added that it is possible to increase the size of the wall.


What are they made of?

WALLS The domed houses are made of non-combustible polystyrene foam with a density of 350-400 kg / m3 with a thickness of 200 mm. They are covered with refractory material (metal mesh with a finish) and protected from ultraviolet radiation, moisture, temperature and other atmospheric influences.

FLOORS domed houses are mounted on a light strip foundation or a 20-centimeter concrete slab.

COMMUNICATIONS they are laid in the floor together with the foundation and are connected with engineering solutions buried in the walls; they have no effect on the useful volume of the internal space.

FINISH in a domed house, it is applied over an iron reinforcing mesh and can be plaster, metal, stone, bituminous coating, mosaic, etc.

WINDOWS AND DOORS as securely and simply as possible are mounted in ready niches with assembly foam.

ROOF The domed houses are an extension of the walls.


Dome Piece(Wall)  Dome Piece(Door)  Dome Piece(Window)  Ceilng Piece  Ceilng Piece(Window)
panel panel_door panel_window roof roof_window
width -- 1,993 mm width -- 1,993 mm width -- 1,993 mm width -- 3,712 mm width -- 3,712 mm
height -- 3,573 mm height -- 3,573 mm height -- 3,573 mm height -- 545 mm height -- 590 mm
thickness -- 175 mm thickness -- 175 mm thickness -- 175 mm thickness -- 175 mm thickness -- 175 mm
weight -- 62,0 kg weight -- 54,1 kg weight -- 62,3 kg weight -- 43,4 kg weight -- 41,8 kg

Where is it applicable?

Dome houses have become popular among adherents of healthy life, innovative technologies and environmentally friendly resource consumption. The main audience of these houses is the progressive generation, which seeks to live in harmony with nature and use environmentally friendly materials to build their home:

RESIDENTIAL DOME HOUSES for several rooms suitable for those who love unusual architecture, unusual interior, appreciates the space of movements and wants to live in a house of pure materials.

COUNTRY HOUSE outside the city in the form of a small hemisphere, it can also be an amazing place for a couple or couple in love, a remote workplace for a freelancer.

CREATIVE WORKSHOP in the domed house is for those seeking inspiration. Natural light in such a workshop is distributed evenly, reflecting from the walls in all directions.

RECREATION OR ECO-PARK, equipped with several nearby dome houses, which can become the main complex with a focus on eco-ideology and year-round tourism.

Despite the small size, the domed houses are spacious and provide absolutely full living for 1-3 people.

From the point of view of a commercial project, this is a fast-return investment, since the technology used allows you to quickly build and launch a project. In addition, the house can be installed on a small plot of land.

Why is it profitable for construction?

FIRST, THIS IS SAVINGS. With the same volume, the area of the walls and roofs of the domed houses is at least 25% less than that of ordinary houses. When building does not need to spend money on the arrangement of the pie roof. The walls and the roof here consist of 12 polystyrene foam modules, connected according to the thorn-groove principle, like flower petals.

SECONDLY, OBVIOUS BENEFIT ON THE FOUNDATION. Dome houses are installed on lightweight strip foundations or a 20-centimeter slab, which provide savings even in comparison with low-cost frame construction.


THIRD, SPEED. Houses are assembled in 1-2 days without attracting heavy machinery. This makes it possible to save on labor remuneration, transportation costs and materials. You can quickly build a similar house even in the mountains and other difficult terrain.


IN-FOURTH, VERY ATTRACTIVE PRICE. A house under the finish without a foundation costs about 200,000 UAH, with its foundation cost increases about 1.5 times.


And the FIFTH GUARANTEE! The building is stable and durable. The bases of parts of the structure are securely fastened, and the materials used are designed for a service life of 50 years or more.


What are the advantages of domed houses?

  1. In such a house you will breathe healthy air and sleep healthy sleep. The material of the walls of dome houses is considered environmentally friendly, since 98% is a gas (air or carbon dioxide), which is enclosed in foamed polystyrene cells consisting only of carbon atoms and hydrogen. Domed house in general can be issued in eco-style on the principle of dwelling hobbits, having equipped a lawn on the surface of the cottage.
  2. You can make an individual layout to your taste and preferences in the interior. The interior of the domed house is more spacious than it seems due to its compact appearance. The space creates a feeling of peace, and the lack of internal supports allows you to freely choose the location of the foam concrete partitions.
  3. This is a warm house that consumes little electricity and you can count on small expenses for its heating. The heat loss is reduced by reducing the area of the walls and the roof. Dome shape protects the house from the wind. Thanks to the expanded polystyrene, which works on the principle of a thermos, the energy consumption of heating is only 1 kW at a temperature of -20 ° C outside.
  4. The house will always have fresh air and a healthy microclimate. The dome shape ensures efficient and intensive air circulation throughout the entire space of the house. This facilitates the establishment of microclimate and heating.
  5. The house will stand for decades and in all weather conditions. The durability of the walls of dome houses is at least 80 years, and the minimum lifetime of a building is 50 years.
  6. You will not hear the noise from the street and the acoustics inside the house will also pleasantly surprise you. The noise outside the dome is perfectly reflected from the curved walls of the house, which provide high-quality protection from unnecessary sounds.
Сколько это стоит?

Dome two-storey house of 93 m2

Find out the cost



Turnkey commercial project

Dome homes as a profitable business with a quick return on investment

Dome houses due to their simplicity of construction, rapid construction and a long period of operation are ideal for organizing a country club or relax park.

We offer the design and construction of such a park "turnkey":

- project development by our design bureau;

- architectural design project, which is individually designed with you by our architect;

- calculation of construction costs from standard to extended configuration;

- construction implementation.

The implementation of such a commercial project takes from 3 months.

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