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Canadian houses

Houses according the Canadian technology – what is it?

The Canadian technology of construction — is rather new in the Ukrainian market technology of construction of residential and commercial property, allowing to build in 2-3 months the full-fledged house in case of rather low expenses in comparison with brick houses.

Дом по канадской технологии ЕвроХауз

Such houses are energy efficient and long-lasting. Initially they appeared in Canada. The technology allowed to save on wood, the space between beams was filled with a special mixture out of straw, clay and sand. Also in the process of development of the new direction stands/beams / inclined braces of smaller section were used, the frame was sheathed from 2 sides by boards, and air spaces were filled with heat-insulating mixture, slots were hammered with wool.

Severe climatic conditions of the region allowed to check houses for stiffness and thermal efficiency, and the authorities of the country promoted development of this direction by financing of this branch. Thanks to this the Canadian technology went on high qualitative level, began to use modern heat-insulating materials, won popularity in the countries with cold or changeable climate and today represents one of the most successful segments of detached housing construction.

Recently the Canadian houses are actively gaining popularity in Ukraine thanks to energy efficient properties of walls construction (a low heat transmission) that considerably allows to lower the amounts in municipal bills for heating of the accommodation. Houses according to the Canadian technology do not require additional external heat insulation, unlike block and brick houses. Only for esthetics these houses are sheathed by different facade materials.

Construction of the Canadian houses in Ukraine

The houses built according to the Canadian technology are durable, modern and universal; it is possible to begin construction in any region 12 months a year. Unlike the traditional beliefs, it is possible to lay the foundation for the Canadian house in winter as construction has small weight and does not require arrangement of the massive foundation. Also, winter construction will allow to reduce financial investments for construction materials which are much cheaper at this time, and in spring, without doing breaks in construction process, to start external facade works.  The Canadian technology of construction implies two directions: "classical" – with use of basalt heater, and SIP-panels.

Канадский дом ЕвроХауз

The principle of houses construction is rather simple: the wooden frame is installed, intervals are filled with basalt heater, external and internal walls are sheathed by special finishing material. Or the house is erected on the ready foundation out of ready SIP-panels. The considerable plus of technology – there is no cracks, houses are not to shrink, walls are equal and ready to final works.

How to build a Canadian house?

Simply to address us! Company EuroHouse is proud of the fact that for already 8 years it has been building houses according to the Canadian technology, and every year more and more people address us for construction of a house. Working in the market of Ukraine since 2008, we have not only studied history of direction, learned pluses and minuses of the technology, we have proven from the personal experience that the Canadian houses are ecological, energy efficient, have low budget both at a construction stage, and in case of the following exploitation, long-lasting and modern.

Construction of the houses according to the Canadian technology includes the following stages:

Строительство канадских домов ЕвроХауз

  1. filling of the foundation;
  2. erection of a frame;
  3. covering of walls;
  4. installation of a roof;
  5. mounting of windows and doors;
  6. engineering networks;
  7. heat insulation;
  8. final finishing works.


Using the Canadian technology, it is possible to build any construction object: house, restaurant, shop or bath.

The Canadian houses are very unpretentious, in the course of implementation of final works it is possible to use any material – siding, brick, wall-paper, tile, etc.

Where we build

Company EuroHouse builds unique and modern houses in any corner of our country. The territorial location of a client doesn't matter to us, his wishes and purposes are important to us. Covering geography:

  • Kiev (Kiev, Belaia Tserkov, Chernigov, Cherkasy, Zhytomir, Vinitsa, Sumy, Poltava);
  • Lvov (Lvov, Ternopol, Ivano-Frankovsk, Chernovtsy, Rovno, Khmelnitskii, Vinitsa, Uzhgorod);
  • Dnipropetrovsk (Dnepr, Zaporozhie, Kropivnitskii, Poltava, Kharko, Donetsk and Lugnsk);
  • Odesa (Odesa, Nikolaev, Kherson).

How we build

In our work we use only materials of the famous European and Ukrainian suppliers: TN "Concrete from Kovalskaia", basalt heater of ROCKWOOL, JUTA membranes, windbarrier Tyvek, a roofing covering – a metal tile roofing Ruukki or a bituminous tile roofing Owens Corning, eaves filing Royal Soffit, windows Rehau, OSB EGGER, gypsum plasterboard KNAUF, rustic-textured coating or sheeting for wooden external finishing Pinotex.

How to buy a Canadian house

Company EuroHouse offers the Canadian houses built according to the frame and SIP-technologies of various design and colour schemes, number of storeys – you can see our projects, and price offers here. Buy the house of your dreams right now, for this purpose contact the manager of the company or use our online service to design a standard project" or "To design an individual project".

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