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Brick house

There are no special limits when building a brick house. From an architectural point of view its very interesting from a simple brick home with terrace to an English style house.

Кирпичные дома

As the material is long lasting and will resist colossal compressive loads, it gives an opportunity to build not only a one-storey building but also skyscrapers, offices, hotels, recreational centers, restaurants, churches and so on.

Planning documentation. It is necessary to plan a project that will pass the building standards and demands before all the works are started. If there are some blunders, it will be impossible to legalize such a house.

The project includes the following points:

  • number of floors of the building;
  • number of residential and ancillary facilities;
  • constructional elements (foundation, walls, roof);
  • utility systems (gas, water, electricity, drainage).

The foundation choice; For such a house monolithic-girder foundation will fit in the case where the level of ground water is not very high, if in the case that ground water is high heavy winter frost can force the foundation out.

Foundation grouting:

  1. to make setting-out works (to check right angles);
  2. to dig a trench;
  3. to make a bed (sand or gravel) and tamper it;
  4. to bond a armor-clad belt;
  5. to fill the trench with concrete;
  6. cover it with a wrap and water it (if the weather is too hot).

In 30 days the concrete will be at a high strength.

Basement and water isolation. The basement of a brick house can be either rubble stone or monolithic-concrete. In the second case it is poured together with the foundation, it is also re-enforced, but it is necessary to install timber framing. In the basement it is necessary to install a moisture barrier (glass insulation, rubberoid, tough wrap).

Строительство кирпичного дома

Brick house walls; While choosing brick it is necessary to remember that there will be colossal external forces on the interior part of the wall, that's why solid brick should be used. For the exterior part of the wall any brick can be chosen — either solid or ventilated. And last is better to have air chambers, It’s like extra heat insulation.

Wall thickness should not be less than 2 bricks. Brick laying is to be started from the corners of the house. Walling bond is to be done laterally and transversely in order to bond all the courses together.

Re-enforcement is made with the help of a special steel net every 2-3 courses. Also re-enforcement can be made with the help of a simple reinforcement with the diameter of 10- 14 mm.In this case shanks are installed in the walls in 2 steps (sometimes 1).

Roof and gables. Gables are laid out in 1/2-1 brick, depending on attic floor/mansard roof appropriation.

Advantages and disadvantages of a brick house

One of the main advantages of a brick house is its strength properties which allow to put re-enforced concrete floor on the supporting walls and build the next floor. Brick strength plays a big role if you want to built a brick house with large windows. In this case reinforced concrete lintel is installed the weight of which can not damage the wall.

Дом из кирпича

The fire risk of such houses is rather low because brick is an absolutely flame-retardant material.

Construction’s lifetime is the worthy argument. A brick house may exist for decades or even centuries.

Such houses are not prone to corrosion and they are decay-resistant, insects and rodents do not threaten these houses.

Level of acoustic isolation is rather high which is obligatory for the life near the road or another loud place.

Among the disadvantages of a brick house we can name the difficulties of repair which are directly connected with dismantling and painstaking work.

One more disadvantage is house building terms. House building (beginning with trenching and finishing with wallpapering) takes from 6 months up to a few years. Is it connected with damp works which demand a lot of time. They are:

  • brick laying;
  • overcoating;
  • concrete pouring.

The price of brick house is not cheap as it is determined by the material price and high cost for the brick work. There is also one more disadvantage. The heavy weight of the brick and it demands heavy foundation which makes the construction price higher.

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