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Baths and sauna

Baths are part of the heritage of Rome but also has existed in many other nations for many centuries as well. They say it helps not only to prevent illnesses and overweight but also helps to get rid of many problems. Bath and saunas relax you and clear one’s mind.


Bath building is a complicated task and a lot of peculiarities have to be considered: construction area, utility system, fire code observance, usage of qualitative materials, etc.

Materials have to be eco-friendly, strong, warmth retaining and moisture resistant.

EuroHouse company offers the baths and sauna constructed on a turnkey basis, within a short period of time and minimum financial expenses.

We offer frame or SIP technology bath building. Canadian technology of baths erection uses half of the wood than the erection of the house using other materials.

For example, sandwich panels consist of 3 layers — 2 OSB sheets and insulation, so this is the material which possesses thermal insulation property and has increased strength, low weight, not prone to deformation and digestion and fire-resistant. SIPs are a great variant for building under the conditions of increased humidity.


To build a bath with EuroHouse company is profitable:

  • own productive facilities;
  • own  staff of construction brigades;
  • work with reliable suppliers;
    • architectural office whose specialists will develop the project of your dream.

    How to buy a frame bath

    Have you been dreaming of a bath or a sauna bath for a long time, would like to invite your friends on a family weekend, and want to carry on a family tradition — so it's high time to make your dream come true!

    We will help you to make this vision a reality. For this you should contact our company manager or use our online service: «Calculate typical project», if you have chosen the project in our catalogue or «Calculate individual project», if you already have an existing project or you haven't found a house of your dream.

    Бани и Сауны

    Where we build

    EuroHouse builds multi-use and modern houses in any part of our country. The building location of our customers doesn’t matter to us, we are interested in your wishes and aims.

    Coverage geography:

    • Kiev (Kiev, Belaya Tserkov, Chernigov, Cherkassyi, Zhitomir, Vinnitsa, Sumyi, Poltava);
    • Lvov (Lvov, Ternopol, Ivano-Frankovsk, Chernovtsyi, Rovno, Hmelnitskiy, Vinnitsa, Uzhgorod);
    • Dnepr (Dnepr, Zaporozhe, Kirovograd, Poltava, Kharkov, Donetsk, Lugansk);
    • Odessa (Odessa, Nikolaev, Kherson).

    How we build

    In our construction we use materials from International and Ukrainian suppliers:

    • TM «Kovalskaya reinforced-concrete»;
    • Мitek;
    • basalt fiber ROCKWOOL;
    • JUTA membranes;
    • wind barrier Tyvek;
    • metal tile Ruukki or asphalt shingle Owens Corning;
    • eaves gutter boarding Royal Soffit;
    • Rehau windows;
    • EGGER OSB (oriented strand board);
    • Knauf gypsum boards;
    • Caparol rustic-textured coating;
    • Pinotex exterior surface coating finishing.

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