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Remote construction observation

Real estate – is one of the most expensive financial investments which it is necessary to look after. Besides, absolute control is needed to be made at every stage of construction of every house from the very beginning. A frequent case when a client is quite far from the building site and it is unprofitably to come and control construction process regularly. Wasting precious time and money for road trips and burning neuronal cells, monitoring a building site can turn into burdensome business.

How to control construction process remotely?

An average company builder or coordinator (foreman) for demonstration of promotion of construction works will show you the plan of the work carried out, photos, publications on the website (remote access, private office). All these methods are ineffective. We want to suggest to you a new and rational method to monitor all events – observation via the webcam.

To provide quality shoots, wide field cameras we use the best known European and Japanese vendors of digital camera equipment.

What is mounting procedure of the webcam?

  • departure of the expert on a building site and photography of an observation object
  • a client’s choice of the shooting point you liked
  • selection of the necessary equipment, setup of the transmitter
  • access to a personal account on our website
  • technical support of the webcam, broadcasting debugging
  • adjustment of the camera location if necessary
  • in the end of construction works dismantling of the camera and other equipment

Remote construction observation became available!

Staying at home on the sofa, in a cafe with a cup of coffee, without leaving office or in the summer cottage, you will always be able to keep the building process under control. For this purpose, you’ll only need to use our service "observation over construction process on your own site", and then everything becomes simpler. You visit our website, you enter your login and password, and then, online twenty-four-hour you watch walls of your house growing. In order not to miss the slightest details on the building site, webcams are set with intersection of the image.

Our company will provide video surveillance even in places with the no wire Internet channel and power lines. Such webcams are equipped with rechargeable batteries and mobile Internet.

Our company Specialists will set webcams with the mode for night shooting if necessary.

The equipment used for observation also works without failures, even in case of high humidity (rain, fog) and strong temperature rise as it is enclosed with an additional protection cover.

What are the advantages of such monitoring?

  • saving of time and finance as it is not necessary to come to an object
  • remote observation and correction of works on a building site
  • creation of archives of record, photos, photo reports
  • increase in the security level and protection against stealing of building materials
  • remote video surveillance over construction from any point of the globe
  • control of online camera (zoom, turns, rotation)
  • for monitoring a mobile phone with support of a flesh player and the Internet is enough

Video surveillance over the building site – is a client’s opportunity to have rest from the constant trips to the building site, and for a crew of workers additional motivation to work better.

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