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Pools for a house

Perhaps almost every person dreams to get their own swimming-pool. If you live in the suburbs or in the country house, and the nearest reservoir is located far away – you’ll need a pool.

How the pool system works?

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A properly equipped pool is the whole system of cleaning filters, heating systems, pumps and other similar elements. Let's learn how a pool works. First of all, water from the pool goes through the skimmer. The skimmer is a device for rough cleaning of the top water layer as this layer becomes dirty with microorganisms (bacteria, viruses) and various garbage (dust, hair) most of all.

Then water circulates with the help of the circulating pump into the filter of for cleaning. Here, water goes through a cleaning layer, for example, quartz sand.

The product water is warmed up in the heat exchanger. Different types of boilers (gas, solid propellant) and electric heating tubes can serve as system of heating in the pool.

Process of disinfecting water is the last stage before returning back to the pool. Chemical cleaning is carried out by means of chlorine, bromine, oxygen.

Following sanitary and hygienic norms are to be followed not less than 4 per day. In order for water to be always pure, this system has to work regularly and with breaks. As a rule, for 3 hours of a break must be 3 hours of work.

Water disposal system can be both natural, and forced. Ideal option for water dumping is the central sewerage. If there is no opportunity to be connected to it, autonomous will be enough. In the latter case it is necessary to consider its volume as the amount of the discharge water will be a lot.

Types of swimming pools

Nowadays, there are plenty of specialized shops that will offer you the broadest choice of products.

Frame pools

Frame pools are a temporary structure made from the metal frame with a protective coating and bowls made of clear coated mesh of the polyvinyl chloride. Such constructions are easily gathered within one day. There are such types of frame pools:

  • of seasonal type
  • of stationary type

Seasonal pools are those that have to be knocked down for winter time. Besides a polyvinyl chloride bowl should be changed each new season that is rather costly. Pools of seasonal type are mostly chosen for country houses.

Stationary frame pools do not require seasonal assembly / demolition as their carcass and material are aimed at water freezing.

Reinforced concrete pools 

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Such type of a pool is very firm and long-lasting, but rather costly and time-consuming in production. As, only hardening of concrete lasts for a month, it is possible to imagine how much time will pass for other construction processes (excavation, form setting, reinforcement, finishing works).

Long water heating is one more disadvantage as concrete holds temperature and heats for a long time.

But, despite a number of disadvantages and difficulties of production, such constructions have many cons:

  • durability
  • high level of ground waters is not a hindrance
  • variety of facing materials (glass, ceramics, stone, paints, porcelain)
  • resistance to mechanical damages

Pools made of polypropylene and acryle

Pools made of polypropylene are one of the most popular types, as polypropylene is quite sound and rather light material resistant to ultraviolet rays and hostile environment.

A bowl for such pool is assembled from sheets of polypropylene which thickness is 5–10 mm. Sheets of the material are connected by soldering. Therefore, the maximum hermeticity of the construction is gained not requiring additional waterproofing.

The acrylic pools, the prices for which a bit differ, are very similar in characteristics to the polypropylene ones. Such pools are joint free, and also have completely smooth surface.

How to look after the pool

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Up-to-date service, cleaning and disinfection of the pool are necessary for comfortable bathing.

Physical cleaning is carried out by means of nets which gather garbage. Piled up dirt is removed from the bottom. 

Chemically, water is disinfected and processed by chlorine, bromine, oxygen, regulating the pH level and presence of microorganisms in the pool.

Cleaning of water by means of the ultra-violet lighter and ions of silver which completely kill all types of bacteria and viruses is also popular.

In autumn, when it is getting cold outside, the water from the pool needs to be drained and the bowl needs to be washed. Even if producers write that the construction is load-holding when freezing water, it is still considerably reduces pool workinge life.

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