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Building land

Rational economy. Why is the construction on the constructible surface more profitable than a purchase of a house?

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Nowadays to buy a building plot to erect a house on, in many cases is more profitable than to repair a former construction. In this case of time to establish a new construction can be the same as the rate as renovating an old one.

When deciding to purchase their own housing or commercial property, future owners in 90% of cases begin to search for already built homesteads or apartments in the secondary housing market. And it is not surprising, for most of buyers the total price which includes not only the cost of the house and the land parcel, but also repair costs, and costs for execution of sale and purchase agreement is a leading factor. Budget of a new construction always exceeds the repair cost of the building.

Advantages of a new construction

Deeper analysis of market offers, taking into account all factors, gives food for thought about the correctness of the traditional approach. Taking into account that for most buyers the price is a leading factor, then the fact of searching for already built and being exploited for a definite period of time areas can be irrational. Nowadays, due to implementation of the new technologies that provide construction high rate it is often more profitable to purchase development land and to build the house which completely meets requirements.

Properties constructed from scratch can cost cheaper by 30% and more in comparison with purchase and repair of the similar, but former in exploitation construction. And rate of a new construction for today is already even commensurable with rates of secondary housing repairing.

And a house construction from scratch guarantees work and materials quality controlled at all stages of erection of the building. And a customer receives the construction site which is completely corresponding to his desires, but not a house that isn't finished.

Building land searching

In case of choosing a new construction, the most difficult and typical for the majority task is to find suitable development land. And here you can ask experts from EuroHouse to help.

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Advantage of such approach is that it will be possible to find the land parcel that meets all requirements in the shortest period of time. Besides, in that case an area under a new construction will not have hidden agendas complicating house erection and taking it into use. All peculiarities and requirements to the land parcel are discussed before signing a contract that makes it absolutely transparent.

Free land parcels obtaining

Ukrainian legislation allows citizens of Ukraine to get the building land free of charge. If any land parcel is available, the local or district authorities are obliged to give the land for house construction which is in communal or public property. However, usually similar land parcels are in little demand because of remoteness from necessary infrastructure and communications absence.

Company EuroHouse gives an opportunity of detailed assessment and the accurate analysis of data on the offered land parcels. It is important to understand that, let’s say, in Kiev region there are free land parcels is available in great numbers, however, to determine the right place for specific requests of the customer isn't always simple. Therefore, before purchasing or registering officially building land, it is necessary to take into account all possible risks connected with favourable and unfavourable land parcel location.

Land parcel purchase for construction

There are several points to deal with before making a request for search and acquisition of the land parcel where a new house will be located. Here are the points worth paying attention to:

  • remoteness of a land parcel from a large infrastructure facility (city, regional center, etc.);
  • location of a land parcel (suburban area, village, country cooperative, cottage town);
  • sizes (area) and geographical location of a land parcel;
  • surrounding infrastructure;
  • availability or lack of communication lines;
  • ecological situation – availability of natural zones, reservoirs, etc.;
  • density of population of chosen region, status of neighbours, etc.

All mentioned factors influence final value of building land therefore focusing attention on specific points it is necessary to understand their relative importance for a customer. For purchase of a land parcel for construction, as well as for any other acquiring, it is usually allocated specific, often limited budget so all the  customer’s desires cannot be taken into account.

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Building lease

Building land can be leased out. Usually it is leased out by construction organizations that plan to create the following elements on the leasable territory:

  • apartment blocks or public housing;
  • agricultural constructions;
  • buildings and construction sites intended for nature protection purposes ;
  • health-improving resorts, bases, etc.;
  • historical and cultural construction sites or premisses;

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