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Alternative energy

Nowadays use of alternative energy sources for personal advatage is getting more popular. Innovative energy devices are used in the project of a detached house by architects more often. And it is economically advantageous. Numerous laborious miscalculations prove that such kinds of energy considerably save budgets of house owners. They are environmentally friendly and have high productivity.

If you finally decided to refuse the main water supply and prefer alternative energy sources, then we will easily help you. Experts of the company will help to select devices, will calculate capacities, install everything properly, and as a result of our cooperation all engineering systems will work in unison. Your house will be absolutely autonomous.

What do we advise to use as alternative energy sources in a detached house?

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1. Solar panels, power stations or batteries. They are meant for electric generation, using solar energy. Such devices are of different capacity. For instance, for a house with area of 350 sq.m not more than 12 of such modules are required. Their productivity during the solar period (March-September) will make 300-400 kW \hour, and during less active period – up to 150. All batteries are connected to invertor system (approximate capacity is 6 kW) by means of charger. For electric power storage, accumulators of 92 amperes \ hour are installed underground at the depth of 3 meters.

The solar battery consists of crystals that catch energy. There sre single-crystal and polycrystal baterries. Single-crystals are more durable, but whimsical. For their excellent job a constant flow of sunlight is required. Polycrystal batteries adapt to any weather conditions.

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2. Wind generator. With its help we will receive one more alternative energy source. Wind energy will be transformed into electricity in it. For a detached house capacity in 5 kW with a diameter of vanes of 6-7 meters will be enough. Height of a mast at which the wind catcher is fixed is 26-30 meters. In case of high activity of the wind, capacity of the generator is 450-600 kW \hour, during the other period it is up to 200 kW.

Using only solar batteries and the wind generator, you will receive 700 kW/ hour, it will be enough for functioning of all household appliances at full capacity.

3. Biofuel boiler.  Such boiler will provide high efficiency resulted from combustion of wood, granulated peat or other bioproducts. Fuel load is once a day. With boiler capacity of 60 kW, its resources will be enough to heat a residential house up to 400 sq.m, and also additional premises – a bath, a sauna, a winter garden.

4. Solar collector. This alternative energy source will convert power of the sun into thermal power. It is set on a roof of a detached house. It is used for water heating. Converted electric power accumulates in a special buffer reservoir or is directly used by the boiler for water heating. During the summer period when the need of heating disappears, energy is used for water heating up to 60 degrees, then the controller directs "extra" heat energy into the buffer reservoir which volume size is 2000 liters. Such reservoir has the heat exchanger which capacity is 45 kW. Heat energy from a buffer zone is used only for heating the floors in bathrooms in summer.

5. Geothermal heat pumps – is one more type of alternative source of heat. Energy of the earth and water is used by means of such equipment. In summer such system works to chill the house. High cost of the equipment is a disadvantage in this type of alternative energy receiving, but the following saving of payment for utility services will seem to you more pleasant. Permanent energy sourse is necessary for operation of the pump.Depositphotos 80746786 l 2015

6. Infrared heating – is becoming very popular alternative energy heat nowadays. Such type of heating of the house is economic and is also quickly installed. When heat-insulated floor installing infrared film is used. Except a heat-insulated floor, a "warm skiting board" system is often laid in a detached house.

How will all this work as a system?

When installing a heating system biofuel is set, the radiators, which are specially intended for such type of heating, are connected. The heat-insulated floor, which works from the alternative energy source, is laid. Pipes around the house are set. Surely we remember about buffer reservoir and the heat exchanger.

Water heating is done by a boiler, with heat exchangers from a solar collector and from a boiler.

Air conditioning system of the house also works from alternative energy of heat. It is autonomous, with a temperature control in each room separately. The same situation with aeration. Air ventilation system is installed together with humidity controller.

Solar, wind energy and hydraulic power charge the battery to tension up to 56 V. If the batteries are charged, alternative source directs energy into reserve cantileverings, namely into electric heating tubes. Their capacity is 4 kW. Electric heating tubes in their turn heat water. Also reserved warmth from a buffer zone is  aimed for heating the floors.

Fireplaces, furnaces, and conditioners have been used for a long time as alternative sources of heat generation.

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Using alternative method of electric power generation in a frame house is the most correct decision. You get a smart house with minimum power loss. To receive high power usage effectiveness in the house, experts of the company will design the innovative alternative energy source chosen by you, properly and according to the technology, will set it and start smooth operation of all systems of your house.


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