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Frame houses

We create Frame houses

Houses from SIP panels

We create Houses from SIP panels

Brick houses

We create Brick houses

Modular houses

We create Modular houses

Bathhouses and saunas

We create Bathhouses and saunas

Country houses

We create Country houses

Houses made of aerocrete

We create Houses made of aerocrete

Monolithic houses

We create Monolithic houses

Construction of detached houses

Company EuroHouse, about 10 years has been surely taking leading places in the sphere of construction of residential areas and non-housing stocks. On the account of the company there are not more than one thousand carried-out projects both in the Ukrainian market, and in the market of Europe. Company EuroHouse has a series of representations in the largest cities of Ukraine including the heart of our country.

Full range of services of the company

Having huge staff of experts (engineers, architects, research officers, designers) we cover all construction sphere, beginning with a country house or a garage for a car and finishing with office buildings, hotel complexes, churches, apartment skyscrapers.

We provide the following services of construction:

  • frame houses
  • the Canadian houses and houses out of SIP panels
  • country houses
  • modular houses
  • houses from the gas-block
  • brick houses
  • baths and saunas
  • monolithic houses

Big vehicle fleet of the modern construction equipment, including serious (excavators, cocks) and also presence of high-precision tools will allow to bring to life difficult constructive tasks.

A turn-key house – our experts will save your time, forces and nervous cells.

Have a look in the future with the company EuroHouse

When designing a house all preferences of a client and also an alternative in the decision of constructive tasks are taken into account. Experts of EuroHouse will help to turn your ideas into reality, and engineers of the computer graphics will show a future house in the three-dimensional image and will even help to place furniture there.

Comfort in your house

Company EuroHouse cares about coziness of your house, installing the following engineering systems:

  • water supply and sanitation systems
  • heating facilities
  • conditioning and recuperation
  • system of water purification
  • electrical power supply operations

Building land

Search of a suitable building site – it is a long and time-consuming process. Company EuroHousewill help you to find and to buy or rent building land of different purpose profitably. Lawyers of the company study documentation carefully, resolving all controversial issues in the legal boundaries, according to the current legislation due to what the transaction passes transparently and safely, and further construction will not raise questions on legitimation of the house.

Arrangement services of site

Landscape design. Planting of trees and bushes, design of flowerbeds, decorative stock (figures, hand-made articles, ceramics, installations), the Alpine hills protecting constructions, decorative lakes are not a complete list of services in designing of your site.

Pools for the house. Installation of pools out of different materials and constructioning (monolithic pools) even of the most irregular shapes, illuminations, the systems of water purification and its heating.

Alternative energy

Company EuroHouse aims at making the level of environmental friendliness of the house much higher, and costs on community facilities were minimized. Therefore, we set the following power supply systems helping to save:

  • solar photomodules, batteries
  • wind generators
  • solar collectors
  • biofuel boilers
  • thermal geothermal pumps
  • infrared heating

The houses built by company EuroHouse guarantee reliability, longevity, comfort, refined style and the European quality which will not leave you indifferent.

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