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The price for houses and house kits. What determines the price of a frame construction

The price for a constructed frame houses, as well as the price of a kit house will depend on the features of the frame technology. The key factors in determining the price of a frame house depend on the type of foundation and the availability of standard wall elements using thermal insulation.

Often, up to 25% of the price of a classic brick house is determined by its strong foundation. In the case of frame construction, there is no need to build such a solid structure. Due to the low weight of materials, the wall of the frame house is 15 times lighter than a brick wall, 6 times lighter than walls made of foam and aerated concrete and 4 times lighter than a wall made of wood. For the erection of a frame building a fairly inexpensive girder foundation is a light type and is enough.

Savings on the foundation is not the only factor that determines the decline in the price of a frame house. The main weight in the frame wall is insulation. At the same time, to ensure reliable thermal insulation, the brick wall is made 2 times thicker than the skeleton wall. Therefore, 1 m2 of the frame wall is much cheaper than the walls made of bricks, cellular concrete and timber. The most expensive material in this case is the wood in the frame, but we need it 5-10 times less than for the frame.

It is also necessary to understand that the offered variants of house kits are also significantly different in price. They are divided into three categories, which differ in the degree of readiness of the frame house.

The price of the kit house "Base"

In this case, the cost of the house kit is determined by the frame with a ready-made foundation. The price of the basic frame house includes:

  • development of a draft design;
  • erection of bearing walls and internal partitions with waterproofing of the frame;
  • Installation of floors and arrangement of rough floor of the 2nd floor;
  • Roof construction without roofing.

The price of the house kit "Optima"

Here the cost of the frame house includes the entire list of the previous version, as well as additional works and materials. This option can be considered optimal at the price of the proposal for the construction of a frame house for finishing. The price in this case is determined by such additional positions:

  • arrangement of the girder foundation and 1st floor screed;
  • sound and heat insulation of the roof and ceilings, as well as walls and partitions (for frame technology);
  • installation of windows, entrance and balcony doors;
  • laying of the roof (metal or shingle).

The price of the house "Standard"

The best variant for finishing a house includes an expanded list of options on the arrangement of the frame building. In order to settle into the house, you will only need to complete the individual finish of the premises and install equipment like (radiators, plumbing, electrical appliances). The price of the house is determined by such additional positions:

  • 3-D visualization of the rough design;
  • electrical wiring, water supply and heating;
  • exterior decoration of the facade;
  • rough finishing of walls and ceiling with plasterboard or wooden lining.

Is it possible to reduce the price of a frame house?

The price of a framed house building can be reduced by optimizing the project. To do this, it should be less complex, with fewer partitions and a larger amount of open space. The frame allows you to create large spaces, arrange wide windows, which gives a sense of spaciousness.

The erection of the attic instead of two floors, the use of simple types of roofing (optimal - a standard gable roof with a slope angle of 35 °), lowering the height of the first floor from 2.8 m to 2.5 m or 2.6 m and other techniques make the price of the house lower. In addition, for construction and finishing you can use cheaper materials. For example, while decorating a facade plastering "Coroed" can be replaced with plastic siding or a wooden false beam, instead of metal, shingle can be used, etc. Saved funds can be rationally spent on better fixing in the house. Eg; windows, engineering, modern energy-efficient solutions, and others.

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