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Advantages of individual design:

Author's project

Exclusive house with
non-standard planning

Special architectural

interior and landscape design

Constructive and
engineering solutions

Realization of all needs and


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Packages of individual project works:


Sketch of building intentions for obtaining a construction certificate

In some cases, in order to perform construction works or reconstruction of a house, it is not necessary to order a scheme (architectural) or scheme (construction) project, but it is sufficient to obtain a construction certificate in a simplified scheme.

If you have a suitable house project or you decide to change the existing facility, we will make a sketch of building intentions for you, which among other documents, is submitted to the city planning and architecture authorities for obtaining a construction permit.

This simplified procedure for obtaining documents extends to private houses, gardens and country houses with a height of no more than two floors (excluding an attic floor), with a total area of no more than 300 m2, as well as for household outbuildings and garages.

The sketch of building intentions is prepared by the architect. His task is to bring the house project in line with state building codes, rules and standards. If necessary, we make a site visit to conduct the measurements necessary for the initial data.

The sketch consists of 5-15 pages and reflects the size of the site, distance to neighboring sites, location of buildings and structures, plans, facades, elevations, roof plan and other data.

To begin work on a sketch, you would need the following documents:

  • extract from the state land inventory (a copy describing the boundaries of the land plot);
  • technical passport of the house (copy, during reconstruction);
  • topographical survey (not necessary in all cases).

After the construction certificate is received, it is necessary to notify the Inspectorate of the State Architectural and Construction Control for beginning of construction works.

Preliminary Design. General architectural design of the house

The house project may include two parts - a scheme (architectural) project and a scheme (constructional) project. If you are not yet fully ready for the construction and have not fully thought out all details of the future house, we, the architects of EuroHouse will help you here with pleasure and an unconventional approach. Consulting with us, you will get a scheme design with full elaboration of the necessary elements.

The scheme project is needed to express a general architectural idea of the house and to formulate the requirements for the implementation of the basic architectural, artistic, ecological and functional solutions. In this project, a general view of the building is given, a site development plan is determined, overall dimensions of the buildings are agreed, interrelations and sizes of the premises are specified, and a house appearance from different sides is fixed.

The scheme design consists of 12-30 pages where the size of the land plot, distances to neighboring sites, location of buildings and structures, plans, front elevations, ground elevations, explanatory note, roof plan, three-dimensional model, section, plan of the staircase, windows and doors are identified. Depending on the specific case, other drafts such as engineering networks may be included into the scheme design.

Project. Architectural and constructive solutions, engineering, general plan

Development of the house design is carried out on the basis of the necessary initial information and some pre-design works. This is the main stage of design which will give an opportunity to obtain a construction permit and calculate the revised cost sheet. The house project should provide a complete picture of what the house will be, and the next stage of design (preparation of the working draft and working documentation) describes an immediate process of project implementation.

The house project includes an architectural and construction section as well as, in general, an engineering part.

  • The architectural and construction section consists of 30-60 pages and contains detailed information on the house building. It is divided into architectural and constructive parts.
  1. The architectural part includes a general plan taking into account landscaping and greening, description of architectural solutions, drawings with geometric characteristics of the building, facades, roof plan, floor plans with explication of premises, specifications of openings and lintels, architectural knots of structures, plans and explications of floors, solutions for external and interior decoration, etc.
  2. The constructional section includes decisions on the adopted structural scheme (material of walls, ceilings and roofing), drawings of structural solutions of the foundation, inter-floor coverings and roofs, drawings of individual components and structures, materials with thermal and sound insulation characteristics, etc.
  • The engineering part consists of 20-30 pages and includes necessary information for installing in-house engineering systems - water supply, sewerage, heating, ventilation, electrical wiring, etc.

Working draft. Specific implementation depending on the construction technology

The working draft of the house is a direct realization of the house project. It can be an extensive embodiment of the previous stage of individual design or can be formed on the basis of ready-made design solutions and standard projects.

When designing simple objects such as townhouses, typical individual dwellings, gardens or country houses, the entire design is reduced to this stage only - that is the development of a specific working project of a typical house.

When designing complex objects that include, among other things, individual design of residential buildings, this stage is the final one of the two previous design steps. The working draft is prepared on the basis of the scheme (architectural) project and the main (construction) project of the house.

The working draft includes all the required approved and working documentation.

  • Approved documentation consists of the main (architectural and engineering) parts of the house design described in the previous paragraph.
  • The working documentation includes detailed working drawings, passport of finishing works, project cost sheet, specifications of products, materials and equipment, completed questionnaires, necessary documentation for construction products, etc.
  1. The project cost sheet usually consists of 2-5 pages and it is a list as well as a specification of all works and materials necessary for the construction.
  2. In addition, working documentation includes lists of works for which the preparation of acts is required, as well as special drawings of complex areas, drawings of special and atypical equipment and other auxiliary materials.

Engineering part of the project. Electricity supply, water supply and sewerage, heat and ventilation, etc.

The engineering section of the house design can be included in the approved documentation of the working (construction) project, and can be carried out separately as additional materials for the project.

A separate development of the engineering part of the project is possible, if for any reason this section is not in the main (construction) project or in the case if the specific implementation of the engineering part does not suit the customer.

The engineering part of the project usually includes 20-30 pages with the complete information necessary for installation of engineering systems:

  • on the drawings of water supply and sewage systems, schemes for the distribution of pipes and sanitary units are given;
  • on the drawings of heating and ventilation systems, distribution system and installation of pipes, air drains, "warm floor" etc. are shown in the same way;
  • on the drawings of power supply networks, lighting and power distribution wiring, installation scheme of input-distribution devices, electrical earthing etc. are shown.
  • In addition, the engineering part of the project may include schemes for gas supply, lightning protection, low-voltage networks - communications, television and Internet, security and fire alarms for video surveillance systems, smart home systems and others.

Design Project. Visualization of the exterior and interior

In some cases, a working project can be supplemented by a detailed study of the interiors and appearance of the house. This is accomplished using computer modeling and is presented as a three-dimensional image or an animated digital video.

Visualization of the exterior and interior is not an obligatory part of the design documentation but its presence is highly recommended, as the three-dimensional model of the building and premises makes it possible to visually see the project implementation taking into account the surrounding landscape, features of external and internal finishes and other details.

The working drawings themselves do not give a chance to objectively assess the appearance of the house and to present the location of the building or indoor premises in space. Volumetric modeling allows you to correct mistakes in the choice of materials, inaccuracies in the design or architectural appearance of the structure. 3D-image of the house makes it possible to compare and gives preference to this or that construction material, type of roof, facade decoration, etc.

Full house design for construction “on a turnkey basis” implies the existence of a design project for the comprehensive repair of all premises. The interior design project is the outcome of the interior designer's work and also represents a set of sheets with plans and drawings. They indicate zoning plans of the premises and location of the furniture; plans for walls, floors, ceilings and partitions; schemes for laying communications and lighting, indicating location of lighting equipment; schemes for the layout of ceramic tiles; aperture schemes and specification of internal doors, etc. In some cases, three-dimensional visualization of the premises is also performed when drawing up the interior design project.

Landscape Design

In addition to the project itself, a full-fledged project design must include a landscape design of the garden plot. This aspect is important not only because any individual or standard project undergoes adaptation (attachment) to the garden plot considering geodetic and geological calculations (this data is needed to consider features of the relief, bearing capacity of soils, groundwater table, and to link the house to location of existing engineering networks, location of neighboring buildings, etc.).

Technically, landscaping is necessary as a complete picture of the house location on the site. After all, the appearance of the structure and the convenience of its use are largely determined by the surrounding gardening.

The landscape project includes a set of sheets with diagrams, drawings and explications of the greening of the garden area and is the result of the work of the landscape designer. It includes preliminary sketches of site planning; general plan; vegetation layout map with a list of perennials that will be on the site; topography with indication of all existing facilities as well as ground and underground communications; vertical planning with an indication of the altitude arrangement of coatings and communications; alignment and landing drawings; and also three-dimensional visualization of the site in some cases.


Any questions? We will answer them with pleasure:

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What is the advantage of an individual design?

There are the two approaches to designing private houses:

1. Creation of an individual project.

The development of an individual project of a private house is required in cases when standard projects do not meet all the needs of the customer or members of his family.

Individual design is addressed if an exclusive house with a non-standard layout, non-typical premises and special architectural solutions is needed. For individual design of the house, close cooperation is necessary with an architect, as he must understand exactly what the customer wants. Only this way it will be possible to consider all the needs, wishes and preferences of future dwellers


2. Finalization of the standard project.

Typical projects in most cases do not need additional coordination but their typical drawback is that a scope of possible improvements and changes are usually limited, and it is not always possible, for example, to change the arrangement of windows to fit a good view, apply non-standard types of roofing or structural materials, additionally plan, as an example, a large room (e.g. a workshop), take into account special needs of the elderly and people with disabilities.

Finalization of a standard project does not mean a major change in it, but it provides an opportunity to make certain changes according to your needs and wishes.


Our Projects

Do you need an exclusive house with a non-standard layout, atypical rooms
and special architectural solutions? We have it!


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Stages of work

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