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Company EuroHouse

Production and construction organization of the European standard that works in the area of private and commercial construction. EURO HOUSE has been working in the market of Ukraine since 2008, we have carried out more than 200 projects, more than 500 constructions have been built according to our projects and the geography of our activity has been expanded around all territory of Ukraine.


We work
since 2008

Over 1200
developed projects

Over 500
constructed objects

House from "A" to "Z" from the company Euro House

Our services:

• Turnkey houses, cottages, detached houses, saunas, mini-hotels using any construction technology (frame, sip, stone, gas block);
• individual design of non-standard construction projects;
• adaptation and modernization of private construction projects;
• sale of houses and commercial real estate;
• Interior design, landscape and other services for the improvement of the house.

We turn the dreams of people into reality when building their own home. We are improving and adapting to the Ukrainian market various construction technologies, testing a variety of wall structures, testing the newest construction materials, working with experts in construction and design. We are a company that develops for the private construction market in Ukraine. Because it is ecological, economical, fast and modern!

Dear visitors and future customers, we want to be as honest and open as possible with you, and therefore you can read all the true reviews about us and our service on our Facebook page.

What do we do?


Building of each construction project begins with the choice of the design of a house – architectural option of housing designing. We offer a number of ready (standard) projects or we develop individual ones taking into account all wishes of a customer. Our staff will help you choose a design, and thus designing to your needs, we’ll consider all basic data and will provide competent consultations through the course of relationship. Designing of a construction project is complicated and a multitask process which requires a correct approach, knowledge of programmes and expert participation. In fact, a properly designed construction project is a guarantee of precise calculations, economy of materials and minimization of waste, that is a financial investments and temporary resources, and, eventually, a guarantee of reliability of a house and a peace of its owners. A ready project consists of drawings and corresponding sections eg; architectural and construction projects, constructive projects, engineering equipment and networks.

In 2010 we created and implemented a project bureau that is a part of our company where specialists will develop a unique project, observing requirements of our state building standards. On our website you will find about 500 ready projects and more than 100 standard developments of various architectural styles and areas.


A frame house is a comfortable house for a family that will help to create cosiness, to save on servicing of the house and to preserve natural resources. In case of construction and erection, finishing and construction materials of known brands, such as Egger, Rockwool, Rehau, Isover, Ceresit and others, are used. Also the scheme of the ventilated facade, natural insulants, high-quality antiseptics, dried wood meeting the European standards for a frame construction.

Mentioned aspects help to make a house comfortable, light, warm and economical for living (by means of energy efficiency).


As the construction of a house begins not just with the purchase of construction materials, but with project development which will determine the design of a house, its strength characteristics and degree of comfort, and activity of our company is based not just on the sale of the ready project, but on close interaction with our clients and complex problem resolution for many Ukrainian families.

Key values of our company are "Dream. Family. Home". Our company makes the dream of building your own home possible and has been available to Ukrainians. Since the end of 2015 the loyalty programme "EUROHOUSE Family" begun, which gives an opportunity to receive the first square meters of your future house free of charge (more detailed about the programme).

Besides, company EuroHouse participates in the lives of the orphans and children deprived of parent guardianship. Sponsoring of children charity events, we make all efforts to make life of children more comfortable and more colourful. With assistance of our company in the Khmelnitskii region where the orthodox church of Saints Peter and Paul is being built. Our company organizes events to purchase materials, access to the construction site, our staff are also involved directly in the full course of construction.


Due to unique technology of frame house construction a house can be erected in 2-3 months. Engineering procedure includes several main stages: foundation grouting, installation of a framework, wall sheathing, heat insulation of a building, laying of engineering networks, installation of a roof, final internal and external works. The construction framework is initially installed, meaning that timber struts are installed. Then it is sheathed with OSBs, the insulator is laid in parallel between struts and communication lines are laid, from both sides with the help of special membranes (for hydro protection outside of the building and a vapour barrier from within). The final stage is external and internal finishing of walls.


Projects constructed according to the frame technology aren't subjected to shrinkage. That means that walls are bare in a future house, that’s why terms of finishing works are minimum, and design can vary.

Company EuroHouse creates unique houses designed directly according to each client’s desire, considering the concept, stylistics, wishes of a customer and influence of external factors. Besides, the company provides additional services – landscaping and interior design, installation of pools and alternative energy sources, adaptation of foundation and organization of additional protection against freezing and lightning strikes. The work is complex, which will help to create a unique, modern, stylish and cosy house – a House of Your dream!


Frame houses from EuroHouse are not only eco-friendly and energy efficient, but also environmentally friendly and keeping to natural resources. In case of houses construction of this kind fewer trees are used, safe materials and substances are applied. Constructions built according to the frame technology possess low thermal capacity and high heat protection, so it is easier to heat in winter and is cooler in summer. Eventually, it leads to considerable financial saving, and the use of natural resources. We protect the environment, we keep to natural resources and we care about comfort and cosiness of our clients, after all our aim is to help you to create and make your dream home a reality.



Dear visitors and future customers, we want to be as honest and open as possible with you, and therefore you can read all the true reviews about us and our service on our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/eurohouse.kiev/

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